Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Reaching a Goal, Starting back up, and Counting down.

It's funny how the busier I get, and the more I have to write about, the less I seem to post. I really need to work on that.

Yesterday was the last day of a 33 Seigan at my Dojo. A Seigan is a period of time of dedicated training. For this particular Seigan, we dedicated half an hour a day to our martial arts practice for 33 days. There were a whole lot of rough days in there for me, but I made it all 33 days. True some days the half hour consisted of me going slowing through my basic punches over and over, but I did it. Even the couple of days when I was sick enough to contemplate calling in sick to work (I didn't) I got myself up off the couch for that half hour. My rewards for completing the entire 33 day Seigan (besides bragging rites) are going to be the purchase of a new Gi (karate uniform), a new Bo staff and a new awesome sports bra.

To keep myself motivated past the end of the Seigan, I agreed to sign up for another 5k with my Running Buddy. We missed out on doing the Lilac 5k again this year, but we've signed up for the Fleet Feet Summer Fest 5k, which is in September. Plenty of time to get my running chops back.

The other looming date is my wedding in August. August 13th to be exact! I'm DIY'ing a lot of stuff for it, but I'm trying to keep the stress level super low. As far as fitness is concerned, my only real goal is to trim up my arms, since my gown is (gasp) strapless. This shouldn't be an issue, since one of the things we do a lot of at the Dojo are push ups.

101 days to go till the wedding. Plenty of time to firm up these punching machines!
122 days to go till the 5k. More than enough time to get myself used to running again, and try to beat my PR from the Lilac 5k.

Lets do this!

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asithi said...

Thanks for leaving a comment Meg! It's been a while since you post anything as well.

Congrats on your upcoming wedding! I know what you mean about DIY. During my wedding we were making flower arrangements up until midnight the night before.

For my wedding I spent three months working out to Chalean Extreme exercise DVDs every day (review on my site). I also had a strapless dress and was pleased with the results on my arms.

As soon as the baby sleeps through the night (and I can get more than four hours of sleep) I will probably complete another round up exercise DVD try to lose the 25 pounds of baby weight.

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