Friday, August 28, 2009

Still struggling with the routine

This week has been an unexpected struggle. I've been finding it difficult to get back into my old routine. The S.O. and I have managed two days at the gym this week, and I spent a good two hours trekking across North Brooklyn on Wednesday.

Yesterday's run at the gym went alright. I warmed up, reset the treadmill, and ran for 2 miles, finishing my run in 23 minutes. Running on a treadmill is both harder and easier now that I've spent time running outside. It is easier to go faster, the effort to move forward is less. It is harder mostly because it is boring. Part of that boredom is due to the fact that I busted the screen on my workout ipod, and am still trying to set up my iphone with all my workout tunes.

One good thing about being back in the gym is that I've added strength training back into my routine. Well, I think it's a good thing, my abs disagree. Hopefully by the end of next week I'll be able to do my strength set (with slightly reduced weight) without feeling like I'm gonna die.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Getting myself back to my routine

This week my schedule will finally return to "normal." After weeks of being out of town, followed by four days of having friends visit, I am finally back to the routine.

This weekend was amazingly fun, but a bust fitness wise. Since getting back to NYC, I have done no working out. None. Oh, I've walked a ton, and I do believe walking around with a four year old on your back should count as exercise, but there has been no running, no strength training, nothing. I'm hoping to reverse this trend this week.

So a good story that I didn't get a chance to relate from when I was up in Rochester: Me and my Running Buddy decided one day to wait until it cooled off to go running. We had the dogs with us, so we decided to run along the Canal where there aren't a lot of people to distract them. We ran for about a mile before deciding to turn around and run back. It was starting to get dusky out and all of a sudden we started running into clouds of gnats. Annoying, but survivable, right? Yeah, except the sporadic clouds of gnats morphed into one giant wall of gnats for at least a solid half mile. You could feel them pinging off your arms and legs as you ran. We tried to keep our heads down to avoid getting them in all the uncomfortable face places, which of course made our noses run, making it harder to breathe. It was nightmarish. And then just as suddenly as we'd come upon this dense concentration of gnats, we broke free of them, still running triumphantly. Yes, one of my proudest accomplishments from the past couple of weeks was continuing to run through a cloud of gnats. Go me!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Headed back to the big city

After around three weeks of hanging around western NY, I'm on the bus back to NYC. I have seriously mixed emotions about it.

I am thrilled to be headed home, ready to get back to my normal routine, my gym, my healthy diet, and most importantly my S.O. (he headed back to NYC over a week ago.)

I am sad, however, to be leaving behind a job that didn't feel like work, my family (and include my S.O.'s family in that), many good friends (a few of whom I didn't even get a chance to see), and a consistent running schedule with the best running buddy ever.

While I was in town I ran more often than not. Starting last wednesday, I ran every day except Sunday. I have my running buddy to thank for that. I also have her to thank for a dramatic increase in my stamina. 2 mile runs (with a walk break in the middle) became the standard at the end. Before my 2 milers included the distance gained in the 5 min warm up and 5 min cool down. With the magic of my running buddie's awesome GPS watch, the distace tracked was only the distance was ran.

Also, after running along lakefronts, forest paths, the canal and getting to run with Dogs keeping us company, running on a treadmil is going to be very boring.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Running in the sun

I think I've finally hit my stride here on my two-ish weeks up in Rochester. That is to say, I finally managed to get myself to go out and exercise after editing photos all day. My new running buddy (who happens to be my S.O.'s sister in law, and a good friend of mine) got guilt tripped into going running this afternoon by my S.O.'s brother. So we suited up and headed up to the Reservoir, which has a .69 mile paved running and walking loop around it.

I learned a few very valuable lessons today. First, I really need to get some sort of sunglasses to wear when I run outside. My eyes are very light sensitive and all the squinting was giving me a headache. Second, My new running buddy is increadibly paitent and understanding. This ties into lesson three: if I don't run regularly, my level of fitness drops quickly.

After the first lap, I was feeling alright, a little hot, but not too bad. Partway through the second lap I was ready to die. I felt like I was breathing fire. The sun became my enemy, blinding me and scorching my skin. Somewhere after the one mile mark I decided enough was enough, and slowed to a walk. My poor Running buddy kept going, unaware of my defeat. She wandered back my way shortly with a bewildered "I lost you for a bit there!" And even though she could have kept running for at least another lap, she didn't complain at all about my burning my self out so soon. I'm hoping that next time we go, I'll be able to make a better show of it (that is if I havn't scared her off with my lack of fitness!)

It's gonna be an interesting couple of weeks.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Still at the lake

We're getting towards the end of our time here at the lake. Only two more full days. Me and the S.O. went running again this morning along the lakefront. I managed to run further before our first walk break, and managed to finish our run without needing another one. My pace was a tad slower today, but still fast enough to keep the S.O. happy.

We still havn't found time to go out in the kayaks, but I'm hopeful for today. Todays plans also include hiking and a lot of relaxing.

Today durring our run we encountered a very protective Corgi, who escorted us quickly through his territory, making sure we didn't linger. He was very cute, and very loud. I'm always amused when such a tiny animal displays so much ferocity. That kind of confidence is inspiring.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Running along the lake

I went running this morning along the lakefront here in the fingerlakes. We ran for about a mile and a half, and I managed to keep up a decent pace, enough that my S.O. broke a sweat at least. It felt good, it was beautiful sceanery, nice and shady.

So far it's been a very relaxing vacation, and I've managed to keep my diet relatively healthy.

I'm hoping to get out on the lake today in the kayak, get a little upper body work out in.

I'm already slathered up in sunscreen and other than the time on the lake, planning on spending most of my time in the shade.

Today should be a good day.

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