Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Getting myself back to my routine

This week my schedule will finally return to "normal." After weeks of being out of town, followed by four days of having friends visit, I am finally back to the routine.

This weekend was amazingly fun, but a bust fitness wise. Since getting back to NYC, I have done no working out. None. Oh, I've walked a ton, and I do believe walking around with a four year old on your back should count as exercise, but there has been no running, no strength training, nothing. I'm hoping to reverse this trend this week.

So a good story that I didn't get a chance to relate from when I was up in Rochester: Me and my Running Buddy decided one day to wait until it cooled off to go running. We had the dogs with us, so we decided to run along the Canal where there aren't a lot of people to distract them. We ran for about a mile before deciding to turn around and run back. It was starting to get dusky out and all of a sudden we started running into clouds of gnats. Annoying, but survivable, right? Yeah, except the sporadic clouds of gnats morphed into one giant wall of gnats for at least a solid half mile. You could feel them pinging off your arms and legs as you ran. We tried to keep our heads down to avoid getting them in all the uncomfortable face places, which of course made our noses run, making it harder to breathe. It was nightmarish. And then just as suddenly as we'd come upon this dense concentration of gnats, we broke free of them, still running triumphantly. Yes, one of my proudest accomplishments from the past couple of weeks was continuing to run through a cloud of gnats. Go me!

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