Thursday, August 6, 2009

Still at the lake

We're getting towards the end of our time here at the lake. Only two more full days. Me and the S.O. went running again this morning along the lakefront. I managed to run further before our first walk break, and managed to finish our run without needing another one. My pace was a tad slower today, but still fast enough to keep the S.O. happy.

We still havn't found time to go out in the kayaks, but I'm hopeful for today. Todays plans also include hiking and a lot of relaxing.

Today durring our run we encountered a very protective Corgi, who escorted us quickly through his territory, making sure we didn't linger. He was very cute, and very loud. I'm always amused when such a tiny animal displays so much ferocity. That kind of confidence is inspiring.

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Anonymous said...

That kind of confidence IS inspiring. Especially for small people :)

Have fun hiking!

- Sagan

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