Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My muscles burn for team fire.

At the dojo they've started this "clan" thing. It's a competition between three teams (called clans), which involves gaining honor points. Honor points can be gained a number of ways, but the easiest way I've learned is to do extra sit ups (100 per honor point) and pushups (50 per honor point.)

After class last night, my clan, fire, decided we needed a few extra honor points. We did 100 pushups. I decided that I needed an extra point, since I've been slacking in the attendance area, so I proceeded to follow that up with 100 sit ups. Now mind you this is on top of the normal class, with sit ups, push ups, squat thrusts, "dippers" and random other things (like swinging around a six foot wooden pole.)

Today, I am sore. Very, very sore.

The awesome part about today was that today is my "late shift" day, so I got an extra hour of sleep, and had time to take a nice, long, hot shower. That helped the muscles a lot.

Unfortunately, it also means that I did not work out this morning. I'm hoping I get it together when I get out of work to at least pound out a half hour of something, but I'm not optimistic.

This new fitness commitment is not going well.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Slow start

So I exercised last night, kinda. I busted out the resistance bands I got for christmas (and hadn't used, shame on me) and did a couple sets of arm curls, V raises and kick backs. Unfortunately my left wrist has been bothering me, and it decided that this was too much, so I had to stop with that. I did about 25 knees to chest on each side, and about 10 squat/sidekick combos on each side, then settled in on doing my basic kicks, 10 per side per kick. Unfortunately I only got about four kicks in before we had to head to the Soon-to-be-In-laws (SOBIL's!) for dinner.

The other unfortunate thing about dinner, is what I ended up eating. I tried to be good, I tried to eat small portions. But dinner was pasta with chicken garlic and olive oil, bread, Cajun corn, more bread, then apricots, almonds and chocolate for desert. I wasn't terrible, and I resisted the warm brownies that were brought out later, but I still tipped the caloric scale past 1800.

I'm hoping today goes better.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Throwing down the Gauntlet

I havn't been exercising enough.

That's the simple truth. With less than three months until my wedding, fitness seems to somehow have taken a back seat to everything else in my life.

This is no good.

I'm not gaining weight, yet, but I'm not loosing any either. I'm in a kind of stasis, where the exercise I am getting: Walking the dog, getting to the dojo twice a week, is enough to keep me where I am. I signed up for a 5k again in the fall to try to kick my butt into running, but for some reason the deadline isn't enough.

I'm getting married in less than three months. I'm scared that my dress, which is already ordered, won't fit. I'm worried about the jiggly bits under my arms, and the extra size on my back. My dress is strapless, did I mention that?

I'm making a commitment right now, right here, to get at least half an hour of exercise a day.

Exercise that raises my heart rate and makes me sweat. Walking the dog cannot count in this. I need to sweat for this to count. I need muscles to burn.

I think if I can do this, I'll be in good shape.

I'm throwing down the gauntlet with myself today. Drawing that metaphorical line in the sand, and restarting this blog to keep myself accountable.

Even if no ones reading anymore, I know that if I make myself post every day, I will make myself work out every day. Because no one wants to post that they skipped a workout.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Reaching a Goal, Starting back up, and Counting down.

It's funny how the busier I get, and the more I have to write about, the less I seem to post. I really need to work on that.

Yesterday was the last day of a 33 Seigan at my Dojo. A Seigan is a period of time of dedicated training. For this particular Seigan, we dedicated half an hour a day to our martial arts practice for 33 days. There were a whole lot of rough days in there for me, but I made it all 33 days. True some days the half hour consisted of me going slowing through my basic punches over and over, but I did it. Even the couple of days when I was sick enough to contemplate calling in sick to work (I didn't) I got myself up off the couch for that half hour. My rewards for completing the entire 33 day Seigan (besides bragging rites) are going to be the purchase of a new Gi (karate uniform), a new Bo staff and a new awesome sports bra.

To keep myself motivated past the end of the Seigan, I agreed to sign up for another 5k with my Running Buddy. We missed out on doing the Lilac 5k again this year, but we've signed up for the Fleet Feet Summer Fest 5k, which is in September. Plenty of time to get my running chops back.

The other looming date is my wedding in August. August 13th to be exact! I'm DIY'ing a lot of stuff for it, but I'm trying to keep the stress level super low. As far as fitness is concerned, my only real goal is to trim up my arms, since my gown is (gasp) strapless. This shouldn't be an issue, since one of the things we do a lot of at the Dojo are push ups.

101 days to go till the wedding. Plenty of time to firm up these punching machines!
122 days to go till the 5k. More than enough time to get myself used to running again, and try to beat my PR from the Lilac 5k.

Lets do this!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Long time, no post

It doesn't mean I haven't been working out...just well, life has been getting away from me a lot lately.

So much is going on in my life. I switched jobs, to a prepress position which is a much better fit for me, although I now worry about sitting down too much. I got a dog, who turned out to be a lot of work (he's a pit lab mix so he's big and energetic.) I got engaged, so I've been stressing about planning a wedding...

And Thursday I got myself back to the dojo. Finally.

I am so incredibly sore from that one workout. It's amazing. I'm now planning on hitting the dojo twice or three times a week, and the gym twice. It felt so amazingly good to be back at the dojo, it was like coming home. I pushed myself too hard, which is something I always have an issue with at karate, but I enjoyed every minute of it. I can't wait until my body recovers enough for me to go back again. I was planning on going again today, but seeing as I can still barely walk, I thought I should wait a little longer.

All in all things are going alright, Life is just so full lately, with very little down time. And I have this bad habit of piling more stuff on top randomly.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Children are great workout partners.

Who knew a job running around after kids would be such an effective workout regime? My only exercise lately has been my job, and yet, I'm actually loosing weight right now. Not a ton, but small increments, steadily.

I have plans to return to the dojo soon, hopefully as soon as later this week. It's mostly a mater of timing right now.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ran Today

Only one mile, with a second mile tacked on as a hike, but it felt good. Going to try adding the fitness thing back into my life a little at a time. I'm going to try to take it slow so I don't do anything wonky that requires me missing work. Since work involves a lot of movement and lifting small children, I need to protect the machinery. Adding Yoga back into my routine will be part of this plan. oh yes it will!

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