Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Running in the sun

I think I've finally hit my stride here on my two-ish weeks up in Rochester. That is to say, I finally managed to get myself to go out and exercise after editing photos all day. My new running buddy (who happens to be my S.O.'s sister in law, and a good friend of mine) got guilt tripped into going running this afternoon by my S.O.'s brother. So we suited up and headed up to the Reservoir, which has a .69 mile paved running and walking loop around it.

I learned a few very valuable lessons today. First, I really need to get some sort of sunglasses to wear when I run outside. My eyes are very light sensitive and all the squinting was giving me a headache. Second, My new running buddy is increadibly paitent and understanding. This ties into lesson three: if I don't run regularly, my level of fitness drops quickly.

After the first lap, I was feeling alright, a little hot, but not too bad. Partway through the second lap I was ready to die. I felt like I was breathing fire. The sun became my enemy, blinding me and scorching my skin. Somewhere after the one mile mark I decided enough was enough, and slowed to a walk. My poor Running buddy kept going, unaware of my defeat. She wandered back my way shortly with a bewildered "I lost you for a bit there!" And even though she could have kept running for at least another lap, she didn't complain at all about my burning my self out so soon. I'm hoping that next time we go, I'll be able to make a better show of it (that is if I havn't scared her off with my lack of fitness!)

It's gonna be an interesting couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

another fun place to run is Seneca Park around the 'pond'. It's really pretty back in there.

Have fun in Rochester. My heart is there right now. Wish I could have spent more time up there!

Sweety On A Diet said...

I would like to give you a blog award - please check my blog for details.

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