Thursday, October 8, 2009

A good week so far.

So far this week has been spectacular. I've actually managed to overcome several hurdles to keep myself on track. So far this week:

I went to the gym on a Sunday. Despite a time crunch to get everything we wanted to get done, done, we managed to keep the gym on the schedule. It was a great way to start my week.

I went to the gym while not feeling 100%. True, I did take Tuesday off due to illness, but on Wednesday when I was feeling mostly better I decided that one day off for sickness was enough.

I upped my distance. In an effort to break the training plateau I've been stuck on for ages, I've made my goal distance based instead of time based. I run until I hit two miles. Next week I'll up it slightly to 2.1 miles. I'm trying to increase my distance slowly enough to avoid injury.

I decided on a starting pace for my training (5.2 mph) and then upped it (to 5.3 mph.) Since my goals are no longer time based (ie run for twenty minutes), I'm free to experiment with different paces within the 2 mile(ish) goal. At 5.2 mph I felt like I could have kept running (for a long while) when I hit the 2 mile goal. So on Wednesday I upped the pace to 5.3 mph. When I raise the distance goal, I'll drop the pace again.

This weekend we're upstate again, and for once I'm not dreading what that's going to do to my exercise regimen. I'm excited, because that means I get to go running with my running buddy again! It also means that my S.O. can go off with his Brother and do serious guy time lifting heavy objects.

Don't get me wrong, I understand the need for strength training, but I'm more into the running than the lifting right now, and he wants more lifting, so I go running with my running buddy, he goes lifting with his brother, everyone's happy! I'll keep my strength training where it is for now, and change it up again in about a month.

Yay fitness! ^_^


{cher} said...

so glad you are back on track! you seem so upbeat and positive.. i love it!

have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

YAY I'm glad that you're so happy! Keep that positivity up hon. It sounds like you're doing really great and that you've found a way to workout that works for you.

- Sagan

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