Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Children are great personal trainers!

This weekend I learned something interesting, children are a workout. We were visiting friends that live in Maine, and they have two kids. I spent a good deal of the weekend running, lifting, tossing, and playing. I gave airplane rides, ran up and down a hill just to run, chased, raced, carried, and was a living jungle gym. All in all, I believe that just keeping up with active kids counts as a workout.

Other than that, I've been a horrible slacker as far as fitness goes. Once again I find myself struggling to get myself back on track. Hopefully I'll have a better progress report later in the week.

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{cher} said...

i think it's the changing weather here for me. one day it's warm and sunny, next is cold and overcast, and it's like my body can't get into a rhythm!

kids are definitely ones to wear you out too!

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