Monday, November 2, 2009

Trying new yoga videos and getting started on my "plan"

As part of my new re-commitment to my health and wellness, I've recently decided to make a "yoga break" part of my day. When I break for lunch I do a yoga video before I eat. Because of some technical issues, I've had to turn to Netflix for some streaming yoga videos. So far I've tried two: Crunch: Candlelight Yoga and The Trainer's Edge: Long & Lean Yoga.

These two videos were the two opposite ends of the Yoga spectrum. Candlelight Yoga was all about deep stretches, and relaxation. It was a very gentle practice, great for stretching on those days that I actually get myself to the gym but not hard enough to count as a full workout. Long & Lean Yoga was intense. So intense in fact that I only made it half way through the hour long video. By the point where I called it, my arms were shaking and I could barely hold the "resting" pose: Downward Facing Dog. This one counts as a full workout, too much I think to do on days when I plan to run.

So now I have a plan. Once a week I'm going to do Long & Lean, and the rest of the days I'm going to stick to Candlelight Yoga. I think I should be able to get through the whole Long & Lean video by the end of the month. This is all in addition to my normal plan to do the 100 push up challenge, the 200 sit up challenge, and the C25K all at the same time. This plan got pushed back a week due to unexpected overworkedness.

Perhaps I'm taking on too much. I think I'll be OK, if I think of it as all one plan, instead of a bunch of different ones. Consider this week one, day one.

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{cher} said...

hopefully you won't be taking on too much.. sometimes when you take on too much, you get exhausted and get off the path. i've done that to myself MANY times.. lol

good luck though! sounds like a plan!

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