Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mid-Week Pause

Today is a rest day I suppose. I didn't plan it, but occasionally I do need to get out and have a social life, and that derailed my normal "do yoga at lunch time" plan.

This week has been going a lot better, fitness wise, than the last couple. I got back to the gym and ran a solid two miles on the treadmill yesterday, after doing my now standard lunch time yoga.

I attempted to start the 100 push-up and 200 sit-up challenges, and decided that I'll try again next week. Just doing the yoga and running is enough of a challenge this week.

It feels good to be "back to it" with the fitness. Now I just need to keep the ball rolling, and not let myself slide again!


Garlic Girl said...

Good job on having a good week so far :) keep it up!

{cher} said...

keep up the great work.. all work and no play will make you a dull girl!! LOL

live it up, just don't go overboard in the calorie department!!

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