Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Relaxing into the pose

My S.O. is very sick right now, and super overworked, which has resulted in a distinct lack of gym time. As in, I havn't been to the gym to run at all yet this week. I'm compensating by an over abundance of Yoga.

I did the "hard" yoga program again today, and, with heavy modification, managed to finish the entire program. My arms are shaking and I am, surprisingly, covered in sweat. I am noticing a distinct lack in my upper body strength while doing yoga. Running has done wonders for my lower body strength, I can hold a tree pose for ages now, but put me in plank and it's my arms, not my abs, that give out first.

I'm hoping to get my running back on track soon. I really miss my running buddy...

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{cher} said...

things get in the way, but i like that you are keeping your mind focused on getting back on track.

hope your S.O. gets to feeling better!

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