Monday, November 9, 2009

Moving through the poses.

Oh man. I just finished as much of the Trainers Edge DVD as I could. I got a little further than last week, but not much. Mostly I was just able to hold the positions better, and not use as many mods. I really need to work on my upper body strength.

Last week was a semi success. I only ran twice, but I managed four days of yoga. Also, Friday, my second run, was really long (for me.) I got to the gym before my S.O. and jumped on the treadmill. I hit 20 minutes before he showed, so I walked for a couple minutes, then started running again. Around 10 minutes into the second run, I walked again for a couple minutes, then ran again for 5 minutes before calling it and doing my cool down.

I did some ab work and some stretching before rewarding myself with a sit in the steam room. Man I love the steam room.

Today is an "off day" as far as the gym's concerned, so it's a "hard yoga" day. Tomorrow it's "easy yoga" and running.

Once again i'm modifying my "plan", and giving myself another week to settle into this routine before adding in the push-up and sit-up challenges in. I'm just too tired out from the "yard yoga" to do good form push-ups (although there *are* push-ups in the yoga routine.)

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{cher} said...

hey.. it's more than I've done!! lol. kudos on trying to keep on track!

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