Monday, March 29, 2010

Getting my running mojo back.

After a lackluster workout week, I ended up taking a couple days off from the gym to try to shake the "workout blah's." Friday and Saturday I avoided going to the gym and my only exercise came on Saturday in the form of cleaning and laundry.

Now mind you, I could argue that this was working out, as laundry involves three flights of stairs and two blocks of walking each time we head to the laundry mat. Since we leave in between cycles, that's three trips their and three trips back. But since it wasn't dedicated "exercise" I'm not counting it.

After the two day break, we hit the gym on Sunday. The run felt awesome. I hit my stride and just ran. I had a moment of silly pride when the guy that jumped on the treadmill next to me got off before me, and he looked (at a cursory glance) like he was in decent shape. I ran at 5.1 for the majority of the 35 minutes, pushing the speed a bit to 5.5 for two minutes before dropping back to 5.0 for the last 30 seconds going into my cool down. I ended up improving my distance a bit, running 3.05 miles.

Unfortunately, once I sat down to stretch, I started to notice a slight throbbing in my head, which quickly escalated to a rather painful headache while I finished out my stretching. I had to forgo my strength training in favor of Advil, caffeine and more stretching. I'm planning on doing a Pilates video today to compensate for the lack of muscle work yesterday.

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{cher} said...

yeah.. i try to say my housework was a workout, but it's something we do all the time, so it's part of our "routine". LOL Heck, I climb stairs every day at work, up down, back forth, and never helped me on the scale!

I guess a way to get out of the workout blahs is to keep changing it up, and make it fun for yourself. Have a great week!!

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