Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Slow start

So I exercised last night, kinda. I busted out the resistance bands I got for christmas (and hadn't used, shame on me) and did a couple sets of arm curls, V raises and kick backs. Unfortunately my left wrist has been bothering me, and it decided that this was too much, so I had to stop with that. I did about 25 knees to chest on each side, and about 10 squat/sidekick combos on each side, then settled in on doing my basic kicks, 10 per side per kick. Unfortunately I only got about four kicks in before we had to head to the Soon-to-be-In-laws (SOBIL's!) for dinner.

The other unfortunate thing about dinner, is what I ended up eating. I tried to be good, I tried to eat small portions. But dinner was pasta with chicken garlic and olive oil, bread, Cajun corn, more bread, then apricots, almonds and chocolate for desert. I wasn't terrible, and I resisted the warm brownies that were brought out later, but I still tipped the caloric scale past 1800.

I'm hoping today goes better.


{cher} said...

i hear ya! i thought i had upped my workouts since the baby was born, so i attempted my first BodyStep class at the gym last night. i can barely walk today!! LOL

gotta love when motivation KILLS!

{cher} said...

oh.. and as far as food goes. i did pretty good, but i think that was mostly because i had no intention on walking to the kitchen to snack! hahaha

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