Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Let's hear it for the H.I.I.T.

Yesterday was my second (official) attempt at H.I.I.T. training. Here's how my workout went:

I tried the treadmill for a warm up, walking for five minutes, then running for ten. My ankles started bothering me by the end of ten minutes, so I promptly removed myself to the stretching area for a good long stretch/strength session.

For my abs I did several sets, 20 sensei mark specials, 30 ab choppers, 30 toe touches, and 30 side crunches. For the arms I did a short set, just 30 push ups, 30 kickbacks on each side, and 30 hammer curl/overhead presses on each side. I did all weight requiring exercises with a 10lb hand weight. I did a lot of stretching interspersed between those, and my ankles were feeling better by the time I was done.

Then it was time for the H.I.I.T. portion of our evening. I did it on the elliptical machine again, to spare my ankles further punishment. I set the hard session to a lvl 10, but when that didn't feel hard enough half way through the workout, I upped it to 11. I did a 20 minute session, with 2 minute intervals. By the end of the 20 minutes I was completely whipped out, however by the time I had showered and changed, I had mostly recovered. I started wondering if I hadn't pushed myself hard enough.

Later however, my butt muscles decided to voice their opinion. I am sore.

Today is a rest day, then tomorrow I plan to try to up my time on the treadmill by a few minutes, but not too much. I'm trying to build my ankles up, not sideline myself again. Then it'll be time for another H.I.I.T. session. I'm aiming for two a week, with a normal workout in there too.

How's the H.I.I.T. going everywhere else?


carla said...

W-e-l-l, I'm in between.

I'm totally HITTing it but on my recumbent bike.

So it's not as buttsoremaking (color me jealous) as your treadmill but it's my option right now.

So I'm mild core of the HIIT.

Here's to hardcore in my future.


tokaiangel said...

I had been finding the same as you - totally deaded after HIIT, could not do a minute more, then I get home and feel loads perkier than I would if I'd just done a long slog at a steady pace. I think this is a good thing!

Obviously I am not On It at the moment HIIT wise, but hopefully absence will make the heart grow even fonder, and I'll kill when I get back to it!

TA x

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