Monday, September 15, 2008

A weekend of ups and downs

One of my biggest problems right now has been finding time to get to the gym. It's not that I don't have free time, it's that my free time is all clumped together at one end of the week, which is also my free time for getting everything else I have to get done, done. Add in a little stress, the fact that it's football season (GO BILLS!), a boyfriend that you want to spend some time with, and a serious video game addiction...and yeah there went my weekend.

I am however grateful to whomever it was that first pointed me in the direction of H.I.I.T. (it was either tokaiangel or MizFit, I honestly can't remember), they are saving my life right now. With two H.I.I.T. sessions this week, I am actually still loosing weight. Which is amazing.

The low point this weekend came when we finally managed to get a hold of the pictures from my S.O.'s brothers wedding. I was shocked at how big I looked. In fact, I honestly think I don't look like I lost any weight. It was overwhelmingly disappointing to see those pictures, and realize that my body is nowhere near where I thought it was. You'd think after loosing around 25 lbs that I would be able to look at pictures of myself without cringing. The facts are that Yes, I'm wearing a much smaller dress size in that picture, and Yes, there aren't any weird stomach lumps or hip rolls, but my god my arms are huge and flabby and I'm just so wide.

*sigh* I think I need to work on my body image at some point...

There were a lot more high points than low points this weekend, although none of them are fitness related. The Bills won, we're 2-0 for the season ^_^ We got some shelves installed in the apartment, and quality time was spent with people.

I also went grocery shopping and got enough stuff ready for my work week. So I should be able to just grab and go, and not end up buying expensive stuff to eat for "midnight dinner".

How's everyone else hanging in through the little ups and downs?


carla said...

glad your still doing the HIIT as well.

Id hoped Id be HIITing the streets and running/jogging by now but Im not.

a** still on the stationary bike while I do it---but we're doing it, right?


tokaiangel said...

So pleased that the HIIT is working for you! I can't take credit - I think the concept came up during a commentversation with the Bumbling Band following a Viewermail about overtraining and I researched it from there and posted about it.

The photos? DEFINITELY sounds like a body image thing. You lost that amount of weight and you still focus on bits you're unhappy with rather than your AMAZING progress than that says to me that you're unhappy with you, not the body!

Make sure you keep reminding yourself how well you've done and how far you've come!

TA x

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