Friday, September 19, 2008


I've been thinking a lot lately about what stands between me and my goals. Mostly it's myself, or rather my reactions to things.

When presented with difficult circumstances in life, my tendency is to withdraw into things that are comfortable to me. Mainly, staying home and watching TV or messing around on the computer, doing things I consider "relaxing".

Working out, for all the good ways it makes me feel, is not something I consider "relaxing".

My roadblocks are mostly mental. Getting over that feeling that going to the gym is an "obligation", "work", something I "have to do" vs. something I "want to do".

I am, for instance, sitting here currently trying to convince myself that I *must* go to the gym today, seeing as I did not go yesterday due to having not gotten to sleep until around 3pm - after being awake for a total of ... 23 hours strait. Good excuse, yes, but now I'm sitting here, still tired and stressed and *really* not wanting to go to the gym, trying to convince myself I'll feel better afterward. Which I will. But for some reason that doesn't help get me there.

In fact the reason I'm most likely going to go is because my S.O. is expecting me to go. In fact he's meeting me there. So I have to. And because if I don't go, what am I going to write about here except about how I've been slacking off?

So it's firmly in the "obligation" and "have to" category. Any ideas on how to fix this?


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