Monday, November 24, 2008

Holidays are in full effect

This week begins the disruption of my schedule represented by the Holidays. This week I will be traveling on Wednesday, and out of town until Monday. This means trying to make myself exercise without the motivation of the gym. Even in the craziness that always proceeds travel plans, my S.O. is making sure we get to the gym on Tuesday, as usual, as it's the only day this week we will be guaranteed of getting a workout in.

We will be staying at my Parents, who own an elliptical machine and weights (that I left there) but while there, we'll be fighting against what we refer to as "The Detox Effect." This happens whenever we head out of NYC and find ourselves somewhere with a slower pace, or anywhere that doesn't require deadlines of us. Almost immediately after arriving we both find ourselves sleeping extra hours and generally loosing any motivation to do anything except relax. I have managed a grand total of one successful workout while staying at my parents. I fully plan on working out while there on this trip, but I'm being realistic in that I may not actually do it.

Right now my weight is bouncing between 152 on the high end and 148 on the low end. I'm hoping somehow to get back to a regular workout schedule to get the numbers to start heading down again, but I realize that may not happen until the new year.

How do you cope with travel disrupting your schedule? Do you work out at the hotel or do you take a "workout vacation"?


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