Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sickness and visitors

Two things that totally derail my fitness efforts, and I've had both of them this past week. First was a house guest that ended up staying longer than expected, and now the sickness of doom.

I did manage to make myself go to the gym yesterday, but the workout i did was so minimal i can't even call it a workout in good conscience. I think I ran on the treadmill for ten, maybe fifteen minutes before slowing to a walk and then hitting the showers.

I'm planning on being healthy by tomorrow and adding in an extra gym day this weekend to make up for the weak workout on Tuesday, but we'll see. Hopefully after this week, with a couple weeks of relatively open schedule, I'll be able to get back to normal workouts and updates again.

How is everyone else?


carla said...

me? Im begging to differ :)
you went
you did
you worked out


Anonymous said...

Um, you are much better person than I am. Being sick is like a national holiday for me - I don't get sick very often but when I do it usually lays me out flat.

You have my admiration and respect for not only getting your sick self to the gym, but RUNNING also, even if it was a short amount of time!

You deserve a trophy or something. =)

Oh, and thanks for stopping by my blog!

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