Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Use the anger as fuel

A few friends of mine recently got laid off, this fact upset me greatly. Today I focused all of my anger and fear and uncertainty into my run. I ran fast, I ran far, I ran hard, and I managed to reach that state where there is no thinking, only moving.

I needed it. I needed that moment where everything else drops away and there is just existence and breath and heartbeat. It's moving meditation. It makes me miss other places that I could attain that state, the Dojo, Yoga, Swimming.

This weekend I was also unpacking a box of work type clothes and put on a skirt that had fit me decently the last time I had worn it. It gaped. I had a good six inches of extra fabric in the waistband. It felt amazing to realize I had lost that much size, and horrifying that I didn't realize just how large I actually was.

Tomorrow we pack it up and head home for Thanksgiving. I'm hoping that I can stick to my guns and get some exercise in at some point, and not over indulge on the tasty foods that will be placed in front of me this weekend.

How do you all get your moments of Zen through exercise?


asithi said...

That is wonderful news about your weight loss. Keep up the good work. I am glad that you are using your anger constructively. When my husband was laid off a few years ago, he spent months in front of the TV, snacking. At least that is behind us now. Happy Thanksgiving day.

tokaiangel said...

Good for you, kicking out the workout jams and getting rid of the bad head stuff! The noose is closing on my workplace at the moment too, lots of people losing their jobs, no idea who's going to be next for the chop. It's keeping my cortisol levels up anyway...


TA x

Jason said...

When I lived on Long Island there was a time when I didn't have a car, and I would walk everywhere...to work ...to school...to the store.... and it's not like NYC walking...it's like long stretches of nothing before you get there..anywhere...after a while I noticed that a walking zen developed. the Noise from the cars... oh so many cars, was a wash over the brain, the fresh air, and the strive for the destination. Forward. Forward. I would get my best thinking done... then my head would be clear and develop an enlightenment about the whole thing, as if I could sense the curvature of the earth beneath me and feel very large as I treaded over it, as though I was spinning the world under my feet.

Jason said...
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