Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Appologies for the silence

The axe fell on me as well, so I spent the past week getting my ducks in line in regards to Unemployment and applying to new jobs.

The good news is that now my schedule will be closer to what most people consider normal, and I will be able to once again attain a regular workout schedule.

Although I did not manage to fit in any workouts when I was visiting with the 'rents, I did manage to eat at least close to healthy. I'm looking forward to getting back to working out and hopefully finding a good job in the near future.

How is everyone else surviving so far?


tokaiangel said...

Oh sweetheart I'm so sorry! How is the job hunting going? Good on you for looking on the bright side, it did sound a little like the crazy hours were wearing you down. Fingers crossed for a brighter better start! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving

TA x

carla said...

close to healthy is good and there's time enough now to get back to the workout routine!
how are the ducks?

lining up??

the Bag Lady said...

Oh, crap! Hope you can find something soon - the lay-offs are starting to hit around here, too. The recession took a little longer to filter down to "oil country" but it got here... I've heard of several people who have been laid off.

Meg said...

TA- The job hunting is going slowly, but I think I'll find something good in the end. Thanks for the support!

Carla- (you know I never know if I should tag you as Miz or not...lemmie know!) The ducks are stubborn but definitely starting to form something resembling a line ^_^

Bag Lady - Yeah it seems to have hit pretty hard here in the big city. a full half of my friends are standing in the bread line with me, but I have hope that things are going to turn around soon!

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