Monday, December 15, 2008

Does Window shopping count as exercise?

Well my weekend didn't go as planned, as usual. Instead of going to the gym on Saturday, we got some much needed shopping for the holidays done. Fitness wise it wasn't a complete write off, since we walked all over midtown Manhattan (for about four hours) window shopping and seeing the holiday sights.

My body is getting a much needed extra day of rest today, since we're switching our workout days from M-W-F to T-Th-Sa this week to accommodate other plans. I'm hoping to get an extra couple of workouts in Wednesday and maybe Friday.

How is everyone else handling the added time drain of the holidays? Still finding enough time to get to the gym?



tokaiangel said...

Must admit I didn't make it to the gym at all this weekend! I went down to visit my friend on Friday night and ended up staying - she'd just been burgled and wasn't feeling too good about staying home in the house.

Going to make up for it this week though! Hope you had a great time shopping - bet New York is a sight to behold at this time of year!

TA x

asithi said...

I find that sometimes when I do have a week off from working out, my workouts are great the following week because my body crave the exercise. My vote is that window shopping counts as exercise, especially if you do it an hour or two. Or at least that is my excuse this time of year. =)

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