Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tired muscles

My body is starting to protest my workout schedule. Last night was the third workout day of my "every other day" regimen. All of my muscles are sore. Frustratingly, my weight is up, although I'm being optimistic and claiming it's because of muscle gain.

Strangely enough I was only able to get through my basic set of crunches (20 Sensei Mark specials, 15 side crunches on each side, and 15 ab choppers on each side) before my abs more or less gave out. I literally could not do another sit up. I had to rest on the floor for almost a full minute before I could get myself to sit up. It wasn't overly painfull, it was just...not happening.

Hopefully my muscles will be recovered by Friday ^_^


LastJourneyDown said...

Wow - sounds like GREAT workouts...but exhausting, which is how they're supposed to be?! I just found your inspiring blog and tagged you for meme, the rules of which are on my blog today! I also hope your muscles are recovered by tomorrow - what difficult workouts you're following! I'll keep checking in to get inspired by your blog! Best, Miche

Lori said...

Kudos to you on the increased workouts. Don't sweat the scale gain - extra exercise and strength training will make you retain water for a while. It's just a false gain and will go away with time.

Keep it up!

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