Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Seeing Daylight

I've gotten my sleep/wake schedule mostly sorted back out. I've forced myself to wake up with my S.O. in the morning to get myself up, out of bed and moving. In the future that "moving" bit will include going to the Gym for some A.M. workouts, but as today is a "workout with the S.O." day, it just included walking a few blocks to pick up breakfast.

One of the benefits (short lived though it may be) of switching my schedule around has been a change in my appetite. I am not nearly as hungry now as I normally am. Part of it might be linked to the fact that I am now sleeping when I was used to eating, and awake when my body is now used to sleeping. I am however, grateful for whatever biological weirdness is causing this lack of appetite, as it's keeping me from just sitting around eating mindlessly to take my mind off my lack of work.

Instead I'm actually getting some of my gigantic to do list finished! One big item on that to do list has been getting this blog back to the active state and focusing on my health again (which got back burner-ed in the past few months.)

So! Since I've been out of the "fitness loop" for a while, what new and exciting things have you all been following/blogging about/doing?! Update me!


Crabby McSlacker said...

I do better with morning exercise myself, but I definitely need coffee to accomplish it. And I totally get why other people hate it--but I tend to skip working out if I wait until evening.

And that's cool about the bonus appetite benefits!

WeightingGame said...

welcome back!
I've been lifting really light weights but higher reps (hurt my neck, can't lift heavy) and I've stayed just as toned, maybe even more so! And i have a newfound appreciate for walking as exercise. that's what's new on my front...

carla said...

INTERESTING that youre less hungry. when I switch it up Im inevitably more tired initially.

when Im more tired initially :) I inevitably crave sugars.

glad youre not me.

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