Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday is all about starting again.

My Monday morning weigh in was more than depressing. I've hit 160 again. Yes, I realize that this 160 is no where near the 160 I saw before, this is muscles below the fat, however after a week of pushing my workouts and eating well, and a weekend of standing all day in a sweltering convention center (and I do mean standing, we spent the weekend on our feet!) I was hoping to see a much smaller number.

I'm really struggling mentally right now. It's very difficult to look at the rising numbers without a corresponding rising depression. In my head that number means only one thing - I am getting Fat again.

This week I'm back at it, getting myself back to focusing on fitness, and trying not to think about that number. I'm trying to keep a positive focus. My goal is to run 50 miles this month. That means I need to kick my millage up a bit per run since I don't run every day. I usually run 3-4 days a week, which means I have between 9-12 days to run the remaining millage (about 43 miles), If I stick to 3 days a week, that means I have to run almost 5 miles a day (not going to happen), so I need to run more often in addition to just running further.

What challenges have you set for yourself recently?


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the mileage!

If the mental part isn't in place for me, I can't really get through. Sounds like you need to take a bit of time for yourself to get away from the usual and clear your head, and then you'll be able to not think about the number and instead look at your accomplishments. It will help!

- Sagan

{cher} said...

i have a family wedding coming up july 31st and i'm determined to go there back at the 160 i was last summer. the insulin has put me back up in the high 170's and i'm freaking!! i need to get my ass in gear and do what i need to do!!

Meg said...

Sagan - Luckily enough I'm heading to my parents place for almost two weeks soon. It'll be enough of a change to let me clear my head. ^_^

Cher - You can do it ^_^ It's always frustrating when something that you need to take to keep you healthy works against your fitness goals...but even wit that, I *know* you can do it!

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