Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sucessful trip, unsucessful weigh in.

So the weekend at my parents wasn't a complete fitness disaster. Friday we attempted to go running around my parents neighborhood. This resulted in me having my first ever exercise induced asthma attack. My dad said he used to get the same thing a lot around this time of year because of all the pollen. So the run was short and frustrating for my S.O., who didn't get much of a workout.

Saturday I joined a friend for a "body pump" style workout. It completely kicked my butt. It was awesome. I now plan to go to that class whenever I am in town. The only minor problem was that I was exhausted and sleepy for the rest of the day. Not very good for visiting with family.

Nutrition wise I did alright, keeping my choices mostly healthy, with a few huge exceptions. *cough*birthdaycake*cough*

The big disappointment came yesterday when I weighed myself. 158. Ow. It's really hard at this point not to get completely frustrated with the whole thing and say "screw it, I'm fat I'll always be fat and there's nothing I can do about it." and cram some ice cream in my face to make myself feel better.


Anonymous said...

Mmm birthday cake. Glad you had a fun time! Sorry about the asthma attack, that must have been a little frightening.

- Sagan

Casey said...

You know what though? You are going to gain if you are getting stronger. I always gain ~10 lbs when I'm in training-mode. Even though I am weighing more, I'm in better shape. Don't sweat it. Just numbers.

PS those power pump classes do kick ass.

{cher} said...

remember, we all have our bad moments, but it's whether we decide to stay in that funk, or decide to DO something about it. positive attitude is what its all about. don't let that number on the scale consume you. take it as a challenge to say.. "i refuse to see YOU again sucker!!" lol

Meg said...

Sagan - It was more frustrating than frightening. I just couldn't understand why I was struggling so much.

Casey - Yes that class was awesome! I know as I gain muscle I gain weight, I just wish I could do that and stay closer to my goal weight!

Cher - Thank you so much for the positive words ^_^ I'm going to keep them in the back of my head when I step on the scale next time.

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