Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another Missed Goal

I havn't been to the gym in five days. Out of town guests, and then Memorial Day weekend kept me busy and away from the gym. This week is going to be another tough fitness week. We're heading up to visit my parents on Thursday for my Birthday, and coming back Sunday. I'm going to do my best to get at least one workout in while we're up there, but it's always tough. In the lead up to going away, I'm going to try to get three solid workout days in (we leave at 7pm on Thursday, which gives me the day to get a workout in)

The really frustrating part is that Friday is my birthday, which means that I've missed yet another goal. I wanted to be under 145 by my birthday. It should have been a completely achievable goal. It's increadibly frustrating to continually fall short of what should be reachable goals.

How do you stay motivated after a missed goal?


{cher} said...

when with family, encourage someone (weather agreeable) to just take a walk with you after a meal or during the day sometime. :) you can even disguise the walk as a "chance to talk and catch up".

Anonymous said...

Happy early birthday!

Just think about all the goals that you HAVE achieved. And, another way to look at it: you might not quite have hit the goal you wanted, but you can always make a new goal. We can always start over!

- Sagan

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