Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My own worst enemy

My biggest hurdle lately, as far as health and fitness goes, has been my social life. Recently I've had a rather full social calendar, including many nights spent at bars and clubs. Between the tasty foods, the beers and the late late nights, I havn't really been living the healthy life lately.

I've been doing good, mostly, during the week, with the exception of last night/this morning. I went to an awesome concert last night. Danced like I was getting paid, and most likely made up for at least most of the calories in the beer I drank.

However, late late nights plus lots of beer equals a stop at one of the all night eateries before heading to bed. And what do we eat at all night eateries? A bacon egg and cheese bagel sandwich.

Also, the soreness and general feeling of ick after a night of dancing and drinking leave me unable to really get a good workout in, completing the unhealthy two-fer.

So while I'm rehydrating myself and trying to work through the persistant ringing in my ears, I pose you this question: What is your favorite "morning after" remedy?


Casey said...

Honestly? A run. I ran a 5k w/ a hangover and it was probably the best thing I could have done. I felt like crap waiting for the gun to go off, but once I was running, it was all good.

There was this yoga girl who would come in Sundays for class who was always hungover. She'd get all the portable fans on her while she did her ashtanga and sweat out the booze. It smelled like gin in there on Sundays.

{cher} said...

lots of water of course, but used it as your day off. i myself have switched to having a pitcher of diet pepsi at the bars/clubs, so everyone leaves me alone, and i may do one shot with everyone. keeps it under control for me. as for the morning after. i never really feel 'hungover' so besides water, really have no advice.

carla said...

ok, Woman. it's friday.
speaking of SOCIAL LIFE :) whats the plan of attack for the weekend?

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