Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Refresh!

I got the most recent issue of Women's Health in the mail this weekend, and while fliping through it and being inspired I realized that even though I have all these variations of exercises at my fingertips, I tend to stick to the same kinds of exercises. Especially when it comes to strength training.

"Why," I wondered, "With all these myriad of choices, do I choose the same boring (and most likely less effective) variations every time?"

"Because," I replied, "A lot of those moves are hard, and look silly when you do them. Imagine how silly you'll look doing that move with that stability ball. You'll fall over and everyone will laugh at you silently."

"This is silly," I argued back, "You can't look any sillier than that guy over there who is jammin out to his ipod on the elliptical! No one is going to care."

And so, having successfully argued my point to myself, I have decided to start adding in new variations to my exercises. In the interest of keeping this going, I'm starting with some exercises that I won't be mortified to be doing. I went out on the internets to find new exercises and found this:

The Flatten your Belly Routine at Women's Health Magazine. A whole routine of new ab moves!

So, are there any moves you'd suggest I try? Any moves you wouldn't be caught dead doing in a gym?


Casey said...

Gar, I stay away from the stability balls in the gym. 1) hello, awkward and 2) sanitary? Yik. I hardly see anyone wiping the machines off after using them so I'm sure Sally With-the-Sick-Vagine isn't going to spray it down after her 100th crunch.

carla said...

I do almost have to echo casey.
Though I just put on my gameface and wait till 99.9% of the people are distracted and THEN I getonFALLOFF the BOSU...

Meg said...

Casey - You know I hadn't thought of that...I will never be able to look at those things the same way again!

Carla - You've got more guts than me! Gameface or no, I don't think I could last long enough on a BOSU to properly call it falling off!

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