Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Keeping up the balancing act.

So far this week I've managed to keep my balance. Much artwork has been done, and importantly, much fitness has been accomplished as well. I am now committed to making this week an amazing one, one where I manage to keep all of my goals in mind and accomplish amazing things.

I am hoping by the end of this week to move one thing off my plate, thereby giving myself a tiny bit more breathing room.

Yesterday, I really felt all the slacking when I was at the gym. I had to call it after 15 minutes of running. I stretched and did my ab work, and then hit the elliptical machines. I did a 25 minute H.I.I.T. session, and omg did I feel those intervals. By the end of each hard interval I was barely able to keep going. During the recovery intervals, I must have looked hilarious, sweating buckets and all red faced, and looking like I was barely working!

Unfortunately, after the gym we met up with some friends and ended up getting Chinese take out for dinner. I tried to keep my portion size down, but I still think I ate far too many calories.


Kristi Summer said...

Hey, you got to live right? Think of what would happen if you didn't work out. Keep up on the great work.

Casey said...

A tired workout can be better than none at all! Way to go!

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