Friday, May 8, 2009

When the rest of my life gets full, Fitness falls off the radar

This week was a total fitness FAIL. After getting off to such a good start, I got an Illustration commission with an extremely short deadline which consumed my life for the rest of the week. I ended up having to bail on my scheduled gym trip yesterday to work on it. It's done and off to the client, but now it's the weekend!

This weekend I run the gauntlet of two birthday parties (one tonight, one on Saturday), both at bar/restaurants! In addition, we were asked today to help set up for the one tonight right after work, so another canceled gym date. Sadness. I'm going to have to do a workout video just to make up for all my slaking!

I'm hoping to make myself go to the gym this weekend. One of my big goals as far as fixing my workout schedule is to start going to the gym on the weekends. My main hangup with that is that the class I really want to go to, Boxing, is on Sundays, and completely kicks my butt. Like to the point where I need a couple days off from the gym to recover. I keep thinking that if I wait till I'm a little stronger I'll be ok, but then we go back and it's harder than I think it should be again. I'm going to try to talk myself into it again this weekend...

Do you workout on the weekends? Or do you consider those your days off?

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{cher} said...

weekends to me are just week days with extra time for ME. if i know i slacked that week, guess what? gym time! because it's something i need to do for me. i don't see going as a chore, or something i have to fit time in for. it's there and a part of my life, just like family, friends and other things in my life.

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