Monday, May 11, 2009

Seeking balance

This weekend was a rough one for me. Various factors resulted in a total failure to achieve gym time. After seeing a friend of mine who is similarly facing a rough time, I realized that I have simply not been making fitness a priority in my life.

It is hard when you're facing a rough situation, with many priorities pulling at your time, to give time for working out. With deadlines looming it is hard to step away from the panic and realize that an hour or two a day is something I need to dedicate to fitness.

It seems like a small thing to ask of myself, and yet it is so very difficult for me to make sure I have gym time. A project will need to be finished, or a social commitment will need to be met.

I keep thinking that once I get past this deadline, once I get this project done or those visitors leave, then my routine will get back on track. And then another project's deadline gets in the way, or lets face it it's summer and everyone wants to do things this summer.

The result has been a spotty workout record, and a weight holding steady at around 157. Things have to change. I need to make fitness a priority again.

How do you balance fitness with the rest of your life?

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