Friday, June 26, 2009

Still on Vacation

So far this vacation hasn't turned out to be anywhere close to the fitness filled couple of weeks that I had planned. Too many obligations and expectations leaving us running from one place to another. My S.O. injured his hip before heading here, so running has been out of the question, and until the past couple of days, the weather was prohibitive against swimming. I have managed to make it to one kickboxing class, which completely kicked my butt, and I'm planning on one last body pump class before we leave on Saturday.

I should be back to updating regularly next week, once I'm back home in NYC. I hope everyone is having a great couple of weeks, and is finding it easier than I am to fit fitness into their summer.


Anonymous said...

Have a fabulous time! Don't stress about the exercise- a little bit is better than nothing, and you can always get back into it when you get home. Hope your S.O. is feeling better.

- Sagan

{cher} said...

if you can't get the "exercise" part of it in, then just focus on eating right since you're not burning the extra calories. hope things get better and you can get back on track!

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