Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The importance of routine

I am determined to make this a good week. It got off to a good start, I spent a good chunk of yesterday walking (about two hours all told) and I ate relatively healthy. It wasn't a stellar day, but it was far from a bad day.

I have a couple of uninterrupted weeks here to get myself back into my groove. A lot of my problems with my level of fitness lately have stemmed from a lack of groove. I have recently realized just how important it is to me to have that routine in place. The less stable my routine, the less likely I am to get myself to the gym. Lately my routine has been very far from stable, and it's resulted in very little gym time.

We're heading into the "Holiday Season", our starts early with Birthdays in October, I know my schedule will be far from stable for a long time. Traveling often becomes mandatory this time of year for us. But for the next couple of weeks, I can settle into my routine for a bit, maybe long enough that when all the travel hits again I'll be able to continue the routine around it.

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{cher} said...

i hear ya honey!! getting back to the routine we're supposed to be on sucks, but we gotta do it!

have a great week!

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