Thursday, April 15, 2010

Beautiful weather requires random walks.

Oh wow guys! Guess what! I won a contest over at Shut Up and Run! (which is a really cool blog btw, go check it out!) What's even cooler is what I won. Running Gear! *happy dance* Soon I will be the owner of an actual bonafied running tank and a certified real running skirt! In short order I will be receiving a GoLite Cottonwood Run Tank and a GoLite Tilly Jane Run Skirt in the mail. You have no comprehension of how excited I am about this ^_^ As soon as they arrive I will force my S.O. to get pictures of me actually running in actual running clothes!

Ok, now that I got that excitement out, yesterday's workout was a crunch video I've been doing for a while that has some "standing Pilates" Cardio stuff followed by some regular Pilates mat work. I've been doing it for a while to get my sufficient amount of "omg my abs are killing me when is this over" ab work in, and the Cardio portion was decent at keeping my heart rate up. Yesterday, however, while the ab work still seemed decently intense, the Cardio section just wasn't doing it for me. I think my body's acclimated to the moves...time to switch up the videos >.<

After going out to meet my S.O. for a "picnic" lunch sitting in Battery Park, I decided it was too nice out to get back on the subway, so I started walking north along Broadway. I walked myself all the way up to Union Square (which is about a 2.5 mile walk) and was delighted to find that the Union Square Green Market was in full swing. I've been trying to get to the green market for a while now to pick up some herb and veggie plants to grow in my window. Yes, I'm growing a small garden in hanging planters in my window. Because I can. ^_^

Today I'm back to the gym this afternoon for a treadmill run. Kinda nervous to see how my legs are doing after Monday's run.

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