Thursday, April 8, 2010

Learning Patience

Yesterday was my first workout day where I had to be careful of my wrist. It was an exercise in frustration and patience.

When I did an ab work video using my stability ball, I had to modify (heavily) some of the exercises to avoid putting pressure on my wrist.

Later at the gym, in frustration over my inabilities, I pushed myself through a 3 mile run, despite my overwhelming desire to just call it around mile 2. Sitting on the mats stretching, I gazed longingly at the hand weights and weight machines.

I've been decent with keeping up on the upper body strengthening recently, and I've started to notice some changes in the shape of my arms. I'm now worried about a backslide. I realize that a bit of strength loss is inevitable, I'm just hoping it's not to much.

I'm trying very hard to have patience and give my body time to heal. It's a little easier because I can still run with this injury. I can also, with some modification, do most of my video workouts. Unfortunately, some of the things that help give me patience: Yoga and knitting, are out of the question for now.

Anyone know any good upper body strength moves that don't use your wrist?


John said...

If you have one of those squeezey balls and or some rubberbands (to exercise the converse muscles and tendons of your hands), your wrists will benefit and be stronger once they heal.

I was having problems when I started handstanding, but working with a squeezey ball and some bands has made those problems go away.

John said...

Also, remember when putting weight on your wrists, to spread out your fingers to distribute the weight evenly and put your wrists down at a natural angle similar to how you would stand on your feet.

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