Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Blog

So I've decided to make the jump into "Big Girl" blogging. Here it is, out in the open. The title of this blog is a play off a few things, basically summing up the feelings I have about what I want to cover here, which is everything.

My life is "morphing" constantly, and so is my body as I try to get more "fit" so...MorFit" get it? ^_~ cheesy I know, but that's something you'll have to get used to.

As this is an introductory post, I suppose I should introduce myself to those of you who arn't coming from already knowing me. Hi, my name is Meg. I just turned 30 this year. I live in New York City (Brooklyn to be exact), and I work in the Graphic Design field. I am an artist, comic artist, illustrator, fitness nut, and food junkie. I am currently attempting to loose weight to get back to a *healthy* point. I am also trying to make enough time in my day to draw on a consistent basis.

In the future, I will put tags on posts to indicate the general topic of conversation for each post.

And away we go...


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