Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why dresses are evil.

Or more specifically, why dress *shopping* is evil. I am convinced that dress stores do everything in their power to make you hate yourself.

This weekend I was attempting to find a *nice* but not *too dressy* dress for my S.O.'s reunion, which we are attending this upcoming weekend. Now, I realize I'm not working with the highest quality stores here, I live in NYC, and I'm not rich, so my options are limited and well picked over. But four stores, about twenty dresses, and three hours of absolute self debasement later, i have a dress which is "o.k." (read as "wearing it doesn't make me want to immediately forgo food for the rest of my natural life")

Of course I was conspired against by my own body as well. My S.O. had been really sick this past week, and I managed to catch a minor version of what he had, enough that we played hooky from boxing this week. Add in that I had eaten bad tasty greasy food all weekend, and my digestive tract was not happy with me, so I was bloated. In the long run this is most likely a good thing, as the dress will fit me better than it did in the dressing room (with its evil florescent lighting and unflattering mirror.)

My S.O. was incredibly supportive during this 2 hour long odyssey to find me a suitable garment. Even venturing me to that most hated of places - DSW- in search of shoes to accompany the dress.

Well after an entire day of learning how much I dislike clothes shopping, and how much it negatively affects my self image, the next day was a gym day!

...And there are no free elliptical machines. Defeat? NEVER! My S.O. gently prodded me to do some strength training while we waited for some machines to free up. So I dropped and did my push ups and as much of that arm workout from fitsugar as I could manage.

Then we headed back to the cardio room. And there were free machines! But they were a type I had never seen before! They had the elliptical feet thinggies, and the moving arm thinggies, and a *built in fan*! I was definitely digging the personal fan by the end of my workout. However, I usually don't use the machines with the moving arms because I feel constantly off balance on them. My other not so happy point about this new machine was that I felt awful bouncy on it. I also did not go as far or as fast as I normally do, but did keep my heart rate up where it normally is. So I'm counting that as a normal workout on a not so normal machine.

Today, I am sore. The good kind of sore that means I pushed my muscles. My upper abs are sore and my triceps are sore. This is a very good thing.

Also, I want you all to know that it makes me insanely happy when I get comments. I grin like an idiot and squee like a fan girl. So than you for reading and commenting, you all make my day ^_^


tokaiangel said...

I honestly believe that dress-shopping is more mind-over-matter than body-in-fabric.

If that makes any sense.

I guess the trick is to work out what shapes suit and flatter you and work with what you have. Forget that uncertain point in the future when we've lost a little bit more weight - everybody deserves to feel pretty RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!

TA x

Meg said...

Heh, that's a great way to think about it ^_^

Unfortunately I am not what one would call "fashion conscious." My usual attire consists of jeans and various shapes and types of t-shirts. So dresses are an alien species to me!

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