Friday, June 20, 2008

Day Off from the gym

These are my new diet savior. Yes, I know they're not healthy, and yes I know there are LOADS of weird chemicals in them, but for 100 calories they satiate my desire for chocolate *and* candy!

Today was a day "off" from the gym. We walked from Wall street to Union Square which is what we normally do on "off" days. Got a *very* tasty but unhealthy lunch at a diner - Grilled Cheese with tomato and a side of garlic mashed potatoes. Then we sat around the park watching incredibly adorable children running around.

My knees are aching today, which is not a good thing, but considering how much use they've gotten lately, it's understandable. I plan on resting them tonight and tomorrow to make sure they're ready for Sunday. I may have roped a new friend into joining the tortu-*ahem*-Boxing classes on Sunday. And check it, she even has her own blog!

So, in relation to my knees, does anyone know a good stretch for the muscle directly above your kneecap? not a quad's not those that hurt, it's this little tiny muscle that is *right* above my knee cap...any ideas?



carla said...


long time listener
first time caller.

two things:
one? I love me some 100 cal packs at times. some days they are the ONLY THING which fits the bill.

and the muscle thing? youve stumped me.
Im off to do research and see what I can find.


tokaiangel said...

I always get twinges in my right knee in exactly the same place. I have no idea what the muscle is! Quad stretches just seem to aggravate it. Let me know if you find out!

TA x

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