Thursday, July 17, 2008

My job is bad for my health

Between the fact that I work nights, work 10 hour days, and the fact that I am constantly offered foods that are very not good for my diet, I do believe my job is working against my weight loss goals.

I wonder what studies are out there on the effects of working nights on ones metabolism. I *know* I suffer from sleep dep on a regular basis, if only so I can actually see sunshine every now and then...

*sigh* I think the depression is talking now, so Imma go back to the work I'm supposed to be doing.



tokaiangel said...

I used to work at a night-club and I found it really exhausting! I was always craving energy boosts but I was just screwing with my blood-sugar, which made me feel more tired and hungry.

I think the old adage of combining protein and complex carbs at every meal is probably the answer. Make sure you always have healthy snacks handy too so that you love so you don't feel deprived when you're turning down the bad stuff you're offered. There is a way forward, I promise! You are already doing so well.

TA x

WeightingGame said...

Hmm...I'm relatively new to this blog so I'm not exactly sure what line of work you're in but I do know that night-shift working has been linked to certain health issues. Check out this story I just found in the LA Time for more info.,0,3448305,full.story Is there any way you can get on a more normal cycle?

Diana said...

just from reading the title of this post, i was going to say "whose job isn't bad for their health?". you do have a point on the working nights part. glad i don't have that one to deal with.

but i also get offered free food that is bad for me on a regular basis. like today, free pizza. why is it soooo much harder to say no to bad food if it is free??

we have some other health-minded people in the office who usually try to push for healthier options too, like subs and fruit instead of chips. it's nice to have options, but still hard to turn down the yummy bad-for-you food :)

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