Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Diet Dilema

How does one "Diet" healthfully?

I am trying to "Diet" in conjunction with my exercise with the goal of loosing weight and trimming down my clothing size. The only way that I've ever known how to "Diet" is to count Calories and Fat. I have no idea what a healthy number for either of these is...I've always just tried to eat as few of both as possible when I diet, which is most likely not a good idea.

What is a girl to do when everything that "works" for people isn't healthy? In my head when I'm reading posts from people who are recovering from eating disorders, part of my brain is berating me for not having the willpower to do that. That yeah it might not be healthy, but it'll get you there, you can always start eating healthy once you loose the weight.

When I count the calories I eat on a normal day of "healthy" eating, the number shocks me. And I'm not talking a ton of food here, I'm talking small meals with maybe one or two healthy snacks. And yet somehow those numbers are always huge.

This is Day three of keeping a food journal and I'm already wanting to quit.
Yesterdays totals (Wednesday July 30th): Calories- 1412 Fat-31.9 Carbs-161.5 Protein-38.6

Exercise today was walking the two point something miles from Battery Park to Union Square. I really need to start hitting the gym more.


carla said...

I have no eathshattering ideas or tips (a food journal would make me insand) but if youre in the hood drop by the MizFits----they always have insights I may miss.


hang in there as the first few days are the roughest and then it CLICKS (in *my* slowbrain at least :))


tokaiangel said...

You know what I'm gonna say - an eating disorder is not a means to an end. It's a disability for life. And the sad fact is that if I'd never been anorexic I would almost certainly be slimmer now because I wouldn't be so screwed up about food.

Keep going with the food journal, you'll get into the groove after a few days, Mizfit's totally right.

TA x

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