Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Perception is 9/10 of reality

Going back to yesterday I think tokaiangel made a really good point. I think it's just that I generally feel like rubbish right around now and it makes everything feel like so much more work. I also feel like I've gained a thousand pounds. I feel puffy and sluggish. My pants don't fit quite right and I swear I have a pudgy belly that wasn't there last week. The scale however begs to differ. It swears up and down that I have in fact *lost* weight, and my Body Fat % is holding steady. So maybe it really is all in my mind....

Today I did an *actual* work out, beating my time on the elliptical again, doing the 3 miles in 28:45. At the 30 minute mark I had gone 3.15 miles. Woot. The really cool thing? I did it all on a higher resistance level than I normally use. I never dropped it below 7, and when I did my "sprints" I was pumping it up to 10 for the full minute. I did mostly legs for my strength training today, since arms was yesterday, and I plan to go tomorrow as well. Reverse Lunges, Side Squats, and Calf Raises. Ab work was the "sensei mark special", sideways sit ups and bicycle crunches. I'm steadily increasing the number of crunches/sit ups I do per set as well. These are all good things.

I kinda wimped out on the second half of my cardio though, I just couldn't keep up the pace, so I compromised and pumped the resistance up to 10 and just slogged away at a slower pace. But I did manage to keep at it for the full 30 minutes, so I think I deserve a gold star for effort ^_^


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tokaiangel said...

I wish I had your commitment to a thorough workout! I find it so hard to do the things I find difficult, I tend to just give up and run all the time, which is terrible for my joints. If you work your whole body with strength training and cardio at the right intervals you can increase bone density all over your body, whereas if you just run long distances all the time you're actually at risk of developing osteoporosis in your upper body because your legs steal all the nutrients! I need to keep on with those push-ups...

TA x

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