Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bonus Post

Since I updated before I left for the gym this morning, you get a bonus post today.

I totally wussed out on my workout today. I was short on time and did what I could before I ran out... but it was way short of my normal routine

Also, this is my 'female issues' week, and I swear that it affects my workouts. Things seem so much harder. I wonder if there are any studies out there about this phenomenon.

Anyways, so I did a measly 15 minutes on the elliptical machine. Yes, I pushed hard for those 15 but still, it's like half of half of a work out.

I did my set for the Hundred Push Up Challenge, and I was feeling it towards the end set. I only managed to do the minimum of 20 for the "max set". Although I did feel like if I rested I could have eked out a few more sets...

I only did minimal weights, one set of kickbacks with 10 lb weights, two sets of these "hammer curl/lifts" with 10 lb weights and some lunges. I only did the "sensei mark specials" for my abs, and then I was out of time.

So I'm going to hit the gym again tomorow since I was so miserably wussy today.


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tokaiangel said...

Blah everyone has off-days, especially around that time of the month! Have a rest at get back on track the next day when your body is more rested.

There's a lot of conflicting information around about the effect of the menstrual cycle on exercise performance - some say there is no effect at all, some say athletes were more easily fatigued when menstruating.

Personally, I think we're just more grumpy at that time so EVERYTHING just feels rubbish and like much harder work!

TA x

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