Friday, August 1, 2008

Check in the appropriate box for Boy or Girl

First things first, I would like to apologize for my recent foul mood. I did a very silly thing, and agreed to work overtime on a week when I already wasn't at my best. Being overtired, PMSing and getting almost no human interaction outside of work? Not good.

I've considered taking down my last post, because honestly I could see how it might offend someone with or recovering from an eating disorder, however I feel I need to leave it up, for me, because sometimes I'm afraid I'm starting to develop *very* bad habits and thought patterns.I need to be careful, because I have a highly competitive nature, not to turn my food journal into a competition with myself to see 'how low I can go'. Let me say instead that I was speaking out of frustration and hormones, and I'm sorry.

I had a short, but good, workout today. The S.O. gets out early on Fridays so I met him at 3:00 for some gym time. I talked him into the treadmills and proceeded to fly. I had been feeling tired and out of sorts when we got there, I had only gotten 6 hours of sleep and was cranky, but let me tell you, after the two minute warm up, I cranked the music and just ran for 30 minutes. I even did an 'interval' for the last two minutes, pushing myself hard, sweating buckets, and hitting that 'no room for any thoughts' zone.

I did my Hundred push up Challenge set, day 3 of week 5. Again I barely made the last set. Those last few push ups were done teeth clenched and making my "I will KILL this" face. (Coined so by one of my Sensei's back at the dojo as it is the face I make that scares people ^_^)

I did Abs (25 sensei mark specials, 10 each side 'ab choppers', 10 each side side crunches, 15 toe touches with 12 lb weight), and a little extra arm work, just 2 sets of 15 tricep kickbacks with the 12 lb weight. Then I did a full stretching set for once (since I had time) and hit the showers.

One thing I noticed while running is that the appropriate music really helps me go. A small sample of my "I will kick @$$" music (and yes I'm weird so sue me):
"Infrared" by Placebo
"Boy or Girl" by Electric Six
"Mystery Girl" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
"Come out Swinging" by The Offspring (or really most songs by them work)
"The Libertine" by Patrick Wolf
"Machete" by Moby

Yeah there's more...I have a huge workout playlist...but that's a good sample for now...

So what do you listen to?


Linda said...

Hi. I just popped in on you from Mizfit. I scrolled down to read you "I was cranky" post - and you really were not inappropriate, but that's justmy opinion.

I wanted to say about calories. If you are not familiar with yet another health board, Spark People is a pretty powerful tool. Among the things it can do is give you a place to journal you food and count calories. Once you set up your account and add info it will also recommend calorie ranges. I think it will also tell you how much fat, carbs, and protein you have eaten. I like it and it becomes a powerful tool when I am consistent with it.

good luck!

Remember: Fat Don't Wrinkle!

Linda a.k.a Hughsmom

carla said...

Kill face :)

who knew?

and me---Im rap.
old rap.

So Musically Unhip

tokaiangel said...

I can completely understand why you said what you did and I agree 101% that you shouldn't take your post down, for exactly the reasons you say here (I cannot state how important those reasons are!!).

Yeah, course it stings a tiny bit for me when I read/hear things like that (which is quite often), but I would never ever see my sensitivity as anybody else's problem - it's mine, and it's an inevitable result of what has happened to me, so the bottom line is that nobody is at fault here.

The main thing for me is that from this post I can see that you understand why it could be potentially upsetting - which is far, far more than most people would. I salute you for that!

TA x

Jim said...

Wow! You do some serious workouts! I noticed the photo of you at 30, and it reminded me of my short-lived exercise program that I started when I turned 30. Unfortunately, I didn't stay with it. Now, at age 65, I've got a lot of work to do to get in shape. Don't be like me. Keep up your activity for life. Best wishes!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Well, since I ALWAYS bring the Cranky to my blog, I can relate to feeling frustrated, especially when healthy eating doesn't necessarily equate to rapid weight loss.

I'm all for the healthy and slow, though. My advice, not that I'm qualified to give any: hang in there and keep making good choices and focus on your long term strength and fitness and enjoy life! Don't worry TOO much about the numbers on the page or on the scale. Life's too short!

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