Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Draggin along

oooft. I woke up this morning and my ankles were on FIRE. I'm talking I can barely walk and stairs exist only to mock me. It's an odd feeling, because it's not really in the ankle so much as it's all the muscles attached to my ankle that hurt.

No walking for me today pleasekthnx.

SO I did the sensible thing and rubbed tiger balm all over my lower legs, and sat in a chair and worked on my art and made appointments to see apartments, and generally tried not to stand up or walk very much.

It helped some, but right now my ankles are still rather stiff, and unpleasant. I'm going to rest them for the rest of the night, and hope and pray that they're up to snuff in the A.M. I'm thinking I'll end up sticking to the elliptical machine tomorrow to give the poor ankles a break. I am however vastly amused that it is not my knees being the first to give out for once.

I am finding it increasingly hard to squeeze a good workout into my schedule. How do you guys do it?


tokaiangel said...

Don't hate me - I am blessed with a job that pays well and has enormously unpredictable hours. Basically 20% of the time I'm working my nuts off, the rest of the time I'm reading magazines at my desk/sloping off to the gym. This is how I do it.

However (I saw your post on Mizfit so I know you read the post on HIIT too!) longer is definitely not always better. I'm starting to cut down a BIT (my brain won't let me do it too much even though my body knows it makes sense!) and use HIIT. Trust me, long hours just make your body plateau and you'll get exhausted and frustrated pretty quickly!!

Hope your ankles are feeling better hon

TA x

carla said...

my thoughts on the workout squeeze are coming----but FIRST how are the ankles today?!


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