Monday, August 11, 2008

Dreaming of exercise

Ok, so I think it's official. I'm broken. I tried resting my ankles all weekend (minus the requisite walking - I do live in NYC after all walking is a requirement for life) and it's still like there are thousands of needles stabbing me in the ankle every time I step. None of the usual R.I.C.E. stuff is working. I've got prayers out and fingers crossed that I'll be ok for my work out tomorrow.

I am once again at that "enough!" stage with my life. My work schedule got changed, which is causing me to loose four hours a week off my paycheck. I'm working my tail off trying to keep up with everything. Not being able to walk is adding to my stress. I need a pause button. Hopefully things will be better by the end of this week. The apartment stuff will (hopefully) be squared away, the freelance assignment will be finished, and hopefully (again) my ankles will be working properly so I can focus on the running again.

Part of the stress factor is the fact that the S.O.'s brother is getting married at the end of this month. I will once again have to face both wearing a dress and having my picture taken. Both things I hate. Add into that the money stress of having to pay for plane tickets around t he same time that we're dropping butt-tons of cash for deposits and fees on the new apartment, and moving around the same time....lets just say that I've been trying really hard not to think too much lately.



tokaiangel said...

Think like a surfer - "stay stiff and ride the black wave". Best advice I was ever given! Yeah you've got it right - head down and things WILL get better, they always do, you've just got to ride it out.

Maybe try and think of some positives you can get out of the current situation in the meantime? 4 hours from your working week is not good for money, but could you take a few of those 4 hours and make them into You Time, give yourself some well-earned TLC?

As for the dress and the photos at the wedding - definitely stressful, I can empathise with that. But better a wedding than any other gathering - as most eyes will be on the bride anyway! I've found that if I smile enough at people at those sorts of events, everyone says I look great, regardless of how awful I actually look!! Blind 'em with smiles and niceness! Always a bit of an act for me at least, but it honestly works :0)

TA x

carla said...

can I top TAs comment?

prolly not.

I love the horribly movie CLICK for that VERY lifepause reason.


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