Monday, August 25, 2008

Moving forward

The good news first: I am still employed, still alive and mostly moved.

The bad news: we have yet to set up Internet at the new place, and my ability to post from work has been restricted.

The fitness news: My ankles are almost completely healed, and I will be returning to the gym tomorow. I retested my pushup max and am happy to say I will only have to slide down to week three in this fitness reboot. I am also happy to note that I managed to keep myself from gaining any weight through all of this. While I didn't do any formal exercise, I believe two solid days of moving boxes and furnature from a couple of second story walk up apartments to one third flor walk up counts for something! And never fear, I'm still planning on my triumphant return to aquatic exercise soon, hopfully very soon!


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tokaiangel said...


Great news on ankles, job and move! Moving house is a great physical workout, although possibly not the most fun!

TA x

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