Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fighting the "lazy monster"

Lately I've been battling what I call my "lazy monster." It's a conglomeration of all the things that stop me from working out. It's the voice that tells me I'm too tired, that I've already done enough this week, that it's too late or too cold outside, too much work to get to the gym.

I battled it yesterday, and partially won. It told me that I didn't have to do my Yoga, I'd done Pilates the day before and besides weren't we going for a run later? I was tired and very susceptible to the "I've already worked hard enough" line. But I battled back with the simple fact that Yoga makes me feel better. So I did my yoga.

Later, however, real life got in the way of the running plans. Not only was I tired and grumpy and generally not feeling it, my S.O. was stuck at work late. He was also super tired and grumpy, so we called it, and I made a tasty new dish for dinner instead. A dish that with a tad bit of tweaking will be a healthy dish someday ^_^

Yesterday I also figured out a way to get my Yoga DVD's onto our television. You see, we don't have a DVD player, but I have several yoga DVD's. We do have a sort of mini computer attached to our television for watching things off Hulu and the like. So, I figured out that I can create a digital copy of my DVD's and transfer them to the TV's computer to watch. This makes me happy, as I really enjoyed the Am/Pm yoga DVD and miss doing the routine.

We're going to try for a make-up run today, and I'm going to do the Am part of the Am/Pm yoga routine around lunch. Crazily, we're also going to try to get some shopping done tonight after we get done with the gym.

I will not let the "lazy monster" win today.

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asithi said...

The lazy monster has been winning for me for the last two months. But since the year is almost over, I want to end it with at least some quality time exercising. I keep telling myself that I only have to do it until the end of the year. At least this is working so far.

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