Monday, February 22, 2010

A good start to the week.

After a lackluster week last week, plagued by the disruptions in schedule that always throw me off, I've gotten myself off to a good start this week.

I did Self Magazine's Your Best Butt Fast video for the second time last night. That video is killer. After about 40 minutes of exercises that made my butt burn and the rest of me sweat bullets, I really believe I'll see serious results in three weeks.

I also added in upper body strength training to my gym sessions last week, which I plan to continue this week, so the days I'm at the gym are no longer just running days, they're running and upper body toning, leaving the "off" days for toning my bottom half.

In other good news, I'm under 160 again! I weighed in at 158.4 this morning. I'm hoping it's not just a fluke, but it's a good sign.

I'm shooting for a stellar week to make up for my stumble at the end of last week. I will own this week. This week is mine!

1 comment:

Casey said...

i want that video! keep us posted on your results!

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