Thursday, February 4, 2010

Somehow, I always think it's about me...

Yesterday, I was running at the gym, feeling ok, and some guy gets on the treadmill next to me. He starts setting himself up to run, and then 30 seconds into his run (I swear) gets off the treadmill, and goes to another treadmill. I watch him try to get on the new treadmill, which is broken, then get back on the treadmill next to me. Another minute or two, and he tries another machine, also broken, back to the machine next to me. Finally, the person on the treadmill next to him gets off, and he switches to that machine.

Now, I know there's nothing wrong with the treadmill next to me, this was about 15 minutes into my run, and there had been a person running on it when I started. Also, shortly after this treadmill switching man vacated the spot, a girl gets on and starts running, and is still running when I'm done with my run.

So the only thing I could think was, Why was this guy so desperate to not be running next to me that he would risk loosing his spot on a treadmill? I mean, it's overcrowded in the gym right now, you actually have to wait for treadmill (especially since at least four treadmills were out of commission yesterday.)

My next thought was, why do I think this is about me? Why am I automatically embarrassed, thinking I'm doing something offensive? Maybe the TV doesn't work or something stupid like, he's ocd and can't run on a treadmill that's an even number from the edge.

I don't know why he was actually treadmill hopping, but I do know that I ran for 28 minutes (with a 2 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down,) I ran for 2.4 miles (I don't count the warm up and cool down distance,) and I did strength training with 15 lb. hand weights. So even if it was about me, he can suck it. I'm hardcore now.


Anonymous said...

suck it?

asithi said...

Actually I have done that before on the elliptical machines. I was trying to find a machine where I could get a good view of the TV.

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